Tiina Kuivaamolla

In English

Hi! Welcome to my website. 

On this page, you will learn more about me and my goals in Tampere! If you want to know more about me, please do not hesitate to contact me on social media or via email.

Who am I

I am Tiina “Tinsku” Mikkonen, a 28-year-old User Experience Designer from Hervanta. I am currently finishing my information technology studies at Tampere University and working as a User Experience Designer. In my spare time, I cycle, play kyykkä and spend time with my cats and friends. I love plants and hiking in the nearby nature.

I have been involved in many extracurricular activities in university: I have been developing university and student culture in various organizations and the student union. Nowadays I am a board member in Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK).

My main values are fairness and openness. For me, this means that no one is left out – not in the school yard, from the study opportunities or services to which one is entitled.

Municipal decision-making and me 

There was a time when I thought that I would not join a party or be a candidate in an election. However, there is no one with my expertise and background involved in the decision making of our common issues in Tampere, so I decided to become a candidate. I am running for the city council so that more voters can have a familiar and approachable person making decisions on their everyday issues.

I want to bring municipal decision-making closer to the people of Tampere, because the things that are decided in the city council are matter for all of us. In my opinion, Tampere needs long-term, knowledge- and science-based decision-making.

My vision

I am running for the city council because I want to make Tampere a better place to live and be. In my dream Tampere, each of us can live, study, work, grow old and fall in love with equal opportunities. People, environment and nature are taken care of. These matters are promoted one council term at a time. If I am elected for the city council, I will work to make these things real during the council term:

  • the tram network has been expanded
  • cycling lanes are improved and cycling is safer than ever before
  • the diversity of nearby nature has been supported for example by wild meadows and green corridors
  • Tampere has a clear plan on how to achieve its carbon neutrality goal
  • The environment has been taken into account in all decision-making
  • High construction has been supported by zoning
  • There are more entrepreneurs in Tampere and unemployment rate has fallen
  • Tampere is the best and most diverse student city in Finland
  • Digital services are accessible and every resident will get service in a channel that is suitable for them
  • The facilities of Tampere are gender neutral
  • Mental health services can be accessed in a few weeks and first contacts can be accessed in days
  • Contraception is free for those under 25 years of age
  • Culture is booming in Tampere since more people have the opportunity to enjoy cultural services

My themes

I want to make sure that everyday life is easy and smooth for all residents of Tampere.

The municipal decision-making is about the future of our everyday life in Tampere. It is about how fast you get an appointment for health care, how much a bus ticket costs, and what condition the bike lanes are in.

Suitable services – made for you

Services need to be available easily and efficiently, whether you want to interact with someone face-to-face or deal with the matter on your mobile phone from your home couch.

The people of Tampere are a diverse group and they deserve tailored services. The services must be organized in such a way that everyone receives the service in a way that suits them. Special needs, such as different constraints and multilingualism, must be taken into account when organizing services. Easy-to-find services help to improve the utilization rate of services, which has a positive economic impact.

The provision of digital services contributes to the development of Tampere and the personalization of services. In order for Tampere to be able to offer digital services extensively, we need a credible information system. The investment made in this pays for itself and brings savings to the city’s economy in the long run.

Easy and sustainable mobility and transport

Every Tampere resident has their own needs to move from one place to another. It must be easy, healthy and sustainable to move around Tampere. The development of transport routes must aim to ensure that more residents choose a form of sustainable transport. When the bike lanes are in order, cycling becomes more common and easier to choose.

Tampere’s public transport is used by one in ten Tampere residents every day. Public transport must be punctual and the service level functional. The intervals must be adequate and the price level fair. Students should receive a discount on the value ticket.

Tampere has every opportunity to be the capital of electric traffic in Finland. Tampere must promote the spread of electric cars and develop charging infrastructure. Electric cars should receive a discount on parking and the City of Tampere should use electric cars. Public transport equipment should be upgraded to electric and at the same time traffic emissions will be reduced.

Every Tampere resident must have the opportunity to exercise, go outdoors and enjoy nature. Tampere residents need to be better informed about the possibilities of exercising. Sports services must be offered in a variety of ways and at a price level that suits everyone’s budget. Outdoor opportunities should be available throughout the year.

Attract companies and keep experts

Tampere must be an attractive city for companies. When companies choose Tampere as their operating city, Tampere’s business life will improve and diversify. At the same time, more jobs are being created and more students can stay in Tampere. Entrepreneurship is a significant part of Tampere’s business life, so the services of entrepreneurs must be in order and space rents must be moderate.

Tampere’s economy needs to be improved in the long term. Investing in sustainable development will increase jobs and tax revenues. At the same time, the burden on the public sector will decline.

Smooth living around Tampere

Tampere has strong growth targets for the coming years. Construction must strive for versatile zoning and tall buildings, so that Tampere has an opportunity to be a home for more people. We must ensure that we do not create economic borders for the regions, but that the people can live all over Tampere – whether they live alone or together. Half of the people of Tampere live alone and the number of people living alone is increasing, especially among the young and the elderly. Affordable housing options should be offered to those living alone. The needs of those living alone should be taken into account in zoning.

Energy efficiency and low emissions are the starting point for construction and housing. Tampere’s district heating must be cleaned up quickly, for example by electrifying heat production. Energy efficiency renovations must be carried out on public properties and support must be provided to residents of Tampere for energy renovations of privately owned buildings.

More densely populated Tampere leaves room for nature. The regional development of Tampere must safeguard biodiversity. People should be able to enjoy nature anywhere easily. Nature needs to be taken care of: let’s leave space for green roofs, showy green corridors and wild meadows.